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Fish Farming

A beautiful ‘fish farming’ project in Ivory Coast. In collaboration with Enthoven Techniek and Bucon Industries B.V., a total of 38 Bucon tanks will be placed over various locations. The Bucon quality and our ability to provide customization for, for example, the outlets, provides the perfect solution for this project. We were allowed to make the liners for this fantastic project.

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horse box

Ebb and flood floors for horses

Ebb and flow systems are installed outdoors in many horse boxes. This creates a stable floor system for horse and rider.

How does an ebb and flow bottom work?
With an ebb and flow bottom, the floor is first leveled and a layer of waterproof plate is provided. Drainage pipes are laid over this; These are covered with a layer of moisture-permeable sand and a top layer. A level control pit has been dug next to the tank, which is connected to the water supply system.

During heavy rainfall, the excess water is discharged into the well through drainage pipes. Excess water, for example, is drained into a nearby ditch through an overflow. This way, the soil never becomes saturated and no puddles form in the sand.

In permanently dry weather, the system works the other way around: in that case, the water is pumped to the bottom of the tank through the drainage system. In this way the bottom of the tray is kept moist from below. This keeps the riding school sturdy and stable and will not be bothered by dust even in prolonged dry weather.

Advantages of ebb and flow bottom

  • correct firmness
  • no water puddles
  • less dust during drought
  • driveable all year round
  • low maintenance
  • water level adjustable (for more or less firmness)
  • safer for horse and rider

Material and specifications:

  • LDPE foil is often used for an ebb and flow basin
  • The LDPE film is welded together on site.


  • Advice
  • Determining the required amount of film (measurement)
  • Determining the deployment of people and materials
  • Provide guidance and instruction when unfolding, welding and placing the foil
  • Provide guidance and instruction during the finish

We can carry out the entire process. In practice, however, the preparatory ground and drainage work is carried out by a contracting company from the immediate vicinity and we apply the foil. We can also supply the water well with pump and float for the ebb and flow system.

The installation of a professional ebb and flow system is tailor-made and we are happy to advise you!