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A building is not complete without a roof. When the roof is flat, bring in Gauris to make it permanently watertight and keep it that way. Our innovative method is delivered made-to-measure and is easy to fit.

For projects in prefabricated timber frame constructions with multiple roofs we are pleased to contribute ideas on how we can best fit the liner in the production line. This way of working considerably cuts the number of activities required and saves time during production. In addition to a watertight roof, it also saves costs considerably.

Furthermore, it increases the reliability of the delivery. Gauris can also provide training for your staff so that they can fit EPDM liners for themselves.

Our work consists of determining the volume of liner required, measurements on-site and determining the deployment of people and materials. We produce 2D or 3D EPDM liner suitable for roofs at our production facility. We provide guidance and instructions during the fitting of the liner and offer guidance on the finishing of roof edges.

We are pleased to advise you on the solution that best meets your need.


Gauris Greenroof
With a Gauris Greenroof there are benefits for all involved: the home, business premises and the environment.

Pro’s of a Greenroof:

  • works cooling in the summer
  • lowers heating costs in winter
  • reduces water purification costs
  • extends the life of the roof
  • works sound-dampening
  • improves the microclimate
  • creates new habitats
  • gives a feeling of peace and space



Prefabricated 3D EPDM for flat roofs

Cost savings in production

Cost savings in production

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The sky is the limit


Foil 1: Prelasti

Prelasti is exceptional in various ways. Prelasti is a reinforced EDPM membrane for sealing roofs. Prelasti EPDM has many possible applications. It can be used for both ballasted and bonded roofs, and also for roofs supported mechanically with the help of the Centrix system. We manufacture the Prelasti membranes at our factory using hot-bonding technology, to all required sizes. The prefabricated splices are 100% watertight and will remain that way. Prefabricated membranes mean less work on-site, which reduces the implementation risks.

  • High elasticity
  • Prefabricated which means lower costs
  • Hot-bonding technology in any required size
  • 100% watertight – fully recyclable
  • Free from talc – more attractive result
  • Proven lifespan of 37 years
  • Extensively tested – proven results
  •  Made to measure, which means less waste

Foil 2: SuperSeal

SuperSeal is a unique, coated and heat-weldable EPDM membrane. This makes EPDM supremely suited to mechanical attachment and bonding, on insulation or otherwise. SuperSeal EPDM is supplied in rolls of various lengths and widths. The thermobond splicing technique ensures that the seam has exactly the same properties, including elasticity and suppleness, as the membrane itself. SuperSeal EPDM can be applied rapidly and guarantees a crease-free result

superseal foil
  • No kit required
  • 170 cm wide strips
  • Pleasing tight appearance, thanks to the membrane
  • Suitable for green roofs
  • Extensively tested – proven results

Foil 3: Topskin LSFR

TopSkin LSFR is a non-reinforced EPDM membrane that is fire-resistant and characterised by a wide range of standard roll widths. A major benefit of this is that it keeps making seams onsite to a minimum. TopSkin EPDM has many applications, including ballasted, bonded and mechanically attached roofs. The smooth structure of TopSkin EPDM saves time and it is particularly easy to fit by one or two roofers.

topskin lsfr
  •  Fire-resistant
  • Extensively tested – proven results
  • Simple to fit for standard roofs (construction, overhang and dormer windows)
  • Industrial production of large membranes, up to 450 m2 from one sheet

For more information about roofing, please contact Martijn Riewald.

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