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roofing project
roofing project

Placement of temporary site shack


In Hoorn (North Holland) a solution was devised in no time for placing a temporary construction shed near a bank protection. Based on calculated ground pressure, the desired bearing capacity of the EPS blocks (expanded polystyrene) has been determined to be able to bear the weight of the construction shed. The EPS blocks are packed liquid-tight with LDPE foil after they have been installed. The foil package is prefabricated to size in our modern production facility. The packing of the EPS blocks was done by contractor A. Faber from Bolsward itself.

EPS is used as a fill material to prevent settlement in soil and sand bodies. The lightweight material is the ideal basic construction for embankment in a short period of time with significant cost savings.

In the Netherlands, we have areas with soft, low load-bearing soil. Especially in the urban areas in the west, the soil is weak and the groundwater is close to ground level. It is necessary to raise this subsoil before building can take place.

The traditional construction by raising sand is not always the best solution. It requires maintenance and the weight of the sand can even lead to a loss of stability. In addition, a sand construction often has to set before the next construction phase can be started; this leads to valuable loss of time.

EPS is a particularly lightweight, compression-resistant and dimensionally stable material. By replacing a sand construction with a light construction with EPS, loss of stability in the soil is prevented and the subsoil is relieved.

For civil engineering we supply GEO textiles

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