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Liners for swimming ponds, swimming pools and ponds….

Gauris has unique water systems for swimming ponds, ornamental lakes and swimming pools. Our systems are suitable for all sizes and any requirements and they blend in with the design created by the architect and the landscaper. Each application has its own special demands and requirements.

For instance, some liners are more suited to swimming pools than swimming ponds. This is due to the chlorine and the influence of the chlorine on the liners. The loading capacity of the liner plays an important role in the choice of the right liner. You can also rely on us for filters, pumps and heating systems. Depending on the application and the capacity (m3), we can recommend and supply the best system on a ‘plug & play’ basis.

We can also supply an appropriate housing for the water system. This means that you can be sure that your customers will benefit from the most suitable water system.

We will be pleased to advise you on which liner and water system best meets your needs.



Swimming ponds

Prefabricated swimming pond

Prefabricated 3D delivery for swimming ponds

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XXXL Swimming pond


Swimming pool

Prefabricated swimming pond

Pond in existing garden

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Like a fish in water


Foil 1: EPDM

We can supply 2 varieties (American EPDM and European EPDM) in a variety of thicknesses (from 0.75 mm to 1.5 mm).

EDPM pond liner is made from rubber, and it is strong and retains its natural elasticity for many years. It is also highly resistant against UV radiation. This pond liner can last for at least 20 years. EPDM pond liner is slightly more flexible than PVC pond liner. That is why it is slightly easier to fit EPDM pond liner in the pond.

epdm foil
  • High elasticity (+/- 400%)
  • Supple material
  • Long lifespan (> 20 years)
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Can be vulcanised or affixed using tape

Foil 2: Reinforced PVC

We can supply our PVC pond liner in a variety of thicknesses (0.35 mm to 2.0 mm). PVC is a supple material which makes it easy to mould to the shape of the pond or swimming pool. PVC is an all-round material and offers supreme quality. Our UV-resistant PVC is frost-proof and can be supplied in various colours and versions (an anti-microbial version as well a version suitable for drinking water).

pvc foil
  • Easy to glue
  •  Can be welded using high frequency, hot air or hot wedge technologies
  • Can be supplied in various colours
  • Antislip variant

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